Our Engagement Models

You can extract maximum from our talent, culture, and knowledge

How To Engage With Us ?

Now a days project can be product , concept or services. Each project has their own set of features and values. Complexity has increased for choosing right agency for project. Thus we have very easy , flexible and client oriented engagement model. Makes easier for client to choose depending on budget.

Fixed Cost Project

Scope of work is ready for the project then both parties reach at mutual agreement on costing, timeline, and deliverable. Never face complexity but can work for medium budget Project.

Hire Developer

Best when you have concept but not sure about flow – makes easier for ongoing development. It works with sprint with multiple resource on demand remotely or onsite.

Fixed Cost Engagement

Strongly recommended to clients who have well-structured requirements, scope of work, deliverable and acceptance criteria for the project. As all details are pre-defined and well documented we execute the projects on a fixed cost. Development and payment would be milestone based with mutual understanding.

When you should chose fixed cost engagement model ?

  • Precise scope of work and stable set of requirements which will not change throughout the project
  • Can define clear long term milestones
  • When you have tight budget and irrespective of change in the requirement
  • When you need POC just to get investor for your business

When you should chose hire a developer engagement model ?

  • The Scope of work is defined briefly but requirements are very likely to change throughout the project
  • Can define clear short term milestones
  • When you have no budget constraint irrespective of change in the requirement
  • Building large and complex product with great support of investor
  • When you have time to spend with developer team and guiding them to deliver clear output

Hire Developer Engagement

We understand your concerns towards having a managerial control over the development process. So, we present to you our flexible Model that lets you hire dedicated web development expert, graphic designer, mobile application experts and SEO experts. You can hire team or developer for different timeline like

1. Monthly 2. Part Time 3. Hourly