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iBeacon is an Apple’s technology which allows mobile apps to listen for signals from beacons in the physical world and react accordingly. It is a technology which uses bluetooth low-energy(Bluetooth/LE/BLE) connection to communicate with nearby devices.

While web development methods vary quickly and new technologies are established, it is important to get updated. With AIPXPERTS, proficient iBeacon development team with deep knowledge and understanding in Low Energy Bluetooth – essential to unlock the power of iBeacon to address your business ROI.

our iBeacon services

  • Customized iBeacon mobile applications
  • iBeacon App Design and Development
  • iBeacon enterprise applications
  • iBeacon enterprise applications
  • iBeacon Application Development
  • Indoor Positioning & Navigation
  • In-Store Marketing Solution
  • iOS & Android Devices Support
  • Cloud Support for Geo-Fencing

Why Customer Choose AIPXPERTS For iBeacon Development ?

With precise knowledge about iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy devices, Our developer able to collect highly targeted content and take advantage of its potential to facilitate improved returns for your business.

If you think incredible potential of iBeacon technology can help you to boost your sales or promote product according to customer requirements, Get in touch with AIPXPERTS Business Analysts to unleash the hidden potential of iBeacon and how that can help to address your business need.


  • iBeacon app developers have is unrivaled in the market
  • Scalable and flexible solutions
  • Real-Time Insights & Analytics
  • Industry Specific Utilization
  • Unleash Capabilities of iBeacon best possible way

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