Expense Solution (ERT)

Easy Receipt Expense Tracker System

Client Requirements

Receipt tracker system with multiple currency support, tax calculation and configurations, Subscription based usage and data access, Push notification based reminder, Reporting and exporting of data.

Our Approach

To have scalable software architecture is always our priority that should address if business requirement scales to any level in future. That was the same approach when we started wit this project. Allow user to add receipts with or without images and manage it for reporting purpose.


Professional approach towards application development and smart work from our development team help us to achieve user friendly android and iOS platform application with 5000+ installation on each.

  • In-App Purchase:

    In-App Purchase

    User can opt for one time purchase of consumable or non-consumable services through In-App purchase functionality.

  • Subscription

    User can opt for recursive or non-recursive subscription based services and restore subscription functionality.

  • PDF Export

    It will take query and store data into PDF format. It has no limit of data to be exported.

  • Filter

    Allow user to sort their data based on filter. It will help user to narrow down their result to find potential records.

  • Reports

    Generalise feature where user can easily configure useful report by customising the parameters from backend.

  • AdMob Integration

    Powerful tool provided by Google for advertisement purpose with different styles of adv.

  • Graphical Reports

    Graphical representation of reports to have comparative study and measure the growth of user trend.

  • Dynamic Email Template

    Admin can create / edit email template from the backend.

  • Dashboard

    Graphical representation of key data require frequent attention from user.

  • PDF Export

    Export stored data into PDF format to store or share purpose.

  • Excel Export

    Export stored data into Excel format for reporting purpose.

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