Fed and Fit

Food and fitness Plans - Health and Fitness Solution

Client Requirements

Client has wordpress CMS website and looking for approach where they can more connect with users and work on help them to get fit with diet food and tracking their daily activity to compare their progress.

Our Approach

Solution that has multiple technologies involved and expand it on current developed structure would always be challenging specifically syncing data between those platforms but we embrace the challenge always. WordPress CMS website integration with PHP Laravel based admin backend and API and android / iOS admin applications made the recipe perfect to combine business need.


Cross platform application that is always in sync with each other and give you access to all the updated information to track your progress and access to articles and food recipe to keep you knowledgeable what is good and not good for you.

  • Reports

    Generalise feature where user can easily configure useful report by customising the parameters from backend.

  • Stripe

    Stripe payment integration for user payment.

  • Responsive Web Platform

    Responsive web design that looks and works best in any platform.

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