ITimePunch Plus

iTimePunch Plus

GPS based employee time tracking

Client Requirements

Application that can gradually grow and fit into any company structure for employee time tracking is the main motive behind developing iTimePunch Plus. Cross platform solution that works without internet and help employee time tracking easy and precise.

Our Approach

Develop an application that works in all timezones, cross platforms and in offline mode is a big challenge when we start with this project. Considering it’s gradual growth, architecture of the application is important part. It bees 4+ year, we have been working on making the product batter and adding new features to it.


Stable solution that works fine as stand alone iPad application for boss as well as portable mobile and web application for employees that tracks working hours, GPS location of employee between punching entries and many other features that you can see in the list below.

  • Subscription

    User can opt for recursive or non-recursive subscription based services and restore subscription functionality.

  • Offline Usability

    Amazing features to use application without internet by using local database.

  • GPS Tracking

    Capturing real time moving location of the user for reporting purpose.

  • Filter

    Allow user to sort their data based on filter. It will help user to narrow down their result to find potential records.

  • Fingerprint Authentication

    Use device capability to use fingerprint based authentication to use the app functionality.

  • Invoice

    Customer would be able to fill up and select information which they want to bill and generate invoice in pre-configured format.

  • Reports

    Generalise feature where user can easily configure useful report by customising the parameters from backend.

  • Push Notification

    Active notification which can react on user behaviour. Used for different important events acknowledge users.

  • PDF Export

    It will take query and store data into PDF format. It has no limit of data to be exported.

  • Dashboard

    Graphical representation of key data require frequent attention from user.

  • Graphical Reports

    Graphical representation of reports to have comparative study and measure the growth of user trend.

  • Admin Backend

    Dynamic admin backend to control over the user activities / content and CMS Pages.

  • Employee Management

    User Management system to add, update, delete users and create login for users.

  • PDF Export

    Export stored data into PDF format to store or share purpose.

  • Dashboard

    Graphical representation of key data require frequent attention from user.

  • Twilio SMS Integration

    Twilio SMS integration to send message on mobile platform.

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