iVibe Massager

Vibrating Massager : G-Vibe

Client Requirements

U.S. has big Sex toys industry and expected to grow gradually over the years. Also, Medical science has proved curing is possible for some health issues like headache or Cramp with the help of vibrations. More than 9 types of mobile vibrations are available with both android and iOS devices.

Client has come up with idea to utilize it for the healthcare. Provide different type of vibrations and selling of sex toys over mobile platform.

Our Approach

Utilizing mobile platform ability the best way possible is alway our key skill. Application is not only about vibrations but also marketing the product and earning revenue through the advertisement and subscription.

Planning and placement of every module need to be considered for best user friendly application development.


User friends design, best placement of advertisement, Google Analytics and Ad SDK integration, Amazon Ad integration has earned more than 1M+ downloads on iOS and 50K+ downloads on android platform.

iOS 11+ and iPhone 7 Plus and later version come up with some more vibration patterns that has been implemented to extend the mobile application compatibility.

  • In-App Purchase:

    In-App Purchase

    User can opt for one time purchase of consumable or non-consumable services through In-App purchase functionality.

  • AdMob Integration

    Powerful tool provided by Google for advertisement purpose with different styles of adv.

  • Subscription

    User can opt for recursive or non-recursive subscription based services and restore subscription functionality.

  • Vibration Patterns

    Utilise the capability of mobile device to generate different vibration patterns and implement them for healthcare purpose.

  • Graphical Reports

    Graphical representation of reports to have comparative study and measure the growth of user trend.

  • Dashboard

    Graphical representation of key data require frequent attention from user.

  • Stripe

    Stripe payment integration for user payment.

  • Custom Ads

    Custom Ads module where user can register and upload their ads to show on mobile application.

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