Travel event countdown

Client Requirements

Very simple yet effective requirement allow users to ad event, View ads and earn events, upload photo / video with event, set deadline and share events on facebook with other users and offline working app for everything.

Our Approach

Design would always be crucial part when targeting large user base with simple application. Create allegiant and user friendly, simple yet attractive design is key point for this application.


Teamwork of design and development team turned out to be the user friendly and simple application.

  • In-App Purchase:

    In-App Purchase

    User can opt for one time purchase of consumable or non-consumable services through In-App purchase functionality.

  • Filter

    Allow user to sort their data based on filter. It will help user to narrow down their result to find potential records.

  • Social Sharing

    Share you content on social platform with scrapping functionality.

  • Video Upload:

    Video Upload

    Compressing and encoding video to publish on aws or other server with proper code to preview the video.

  • Social Sign up

    Integration of different social media Google , Facebook and linkedin for allowing user to register for the application.

  • AdMob Integration

    Powerful tool provided by Google for advertisement purpose with different styles of adv.

  • Offline Usability

    Amazing features to use application without internet by using local database.

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