Improving healthcare through better recording data

Client Requirements

Improving healthcare for everyone with the help of technology has been the important topic since decade in United States. Client come up with simple application concept for the doctors where they can add clients, add pets under that, capture the image of the pets and mark the parts on body and save notes on the same and measure the progress over the period of time.

Our Approach

Requirement simple easy but require large image processing capabilities.Base structure and approach towards implementation should be expandable enough as EMR application will always have possibility to expand.


Add client, Add pets, Capture pets image or use generalise picture, mark points on image and add notes to the image are some basic functionalities provided by application. You can check the points added and by comparing images between two visits to check the progress. Same application can be used for human in the field of dermatology. Also, with the backend you can add new pets into the system.

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