Marine Management System

Dynamic portal for Inventory and Sales Management

Client Requirements

Client is having up and running Marine Management System that has been developed with Visual Basic 2005. The main concern here is to compete with the new technologies which can support new functionality for their business requirement. Main target here is to move existing application to web based application that can overcome limitation of Visual Basic.

Our Approach

It is well said that it is easy to write a code over understand the code that is written that too developed a decade ago. We have challenge to create dynamic Web panel considering the old database structure as we have to migrate our work to same live database. We review the system completely, identify the areas we can make dynamic and what need to be used as it is.


Reviewing the complex visual basic code, understand what methodology being used to implement client requirement and what will be the feasible solution in Laravel. In the process, sometime we end up solving bugs in visual basics too. We have now dynamic, user friendly web panel ready with some new functionalities implemented over existing system and SMS integration with twilio.

  • PDF Export

    Export stored data into PDF format to store or share purpose.

  • Graphical Reports

    Graphical representation of reports to have comparative study and measure the growth of user trend.

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