Client Requirements

Unique concept here that helps to communicate based on the vehicle plate number. Yes, You heard it right. You can search plext user based on vehicle number and send message to him about either he parked the vehicle wrong or you need him to move his car from parking or if some issues with the car.

Further enhancement to application that can be used for transport companies / school buses that they can register their vehicles and get informed about drive activities.

Our Approach

Implementation of the concept is very clear and easy to achieve. Platform that require expansion and message communication between two people are two major things to take care off. Security is other concern that it should not leak the data of the live users.


Platform where user can register through Facebook or Google and add number of plates under one account, Search user through plate number and can communicate to them about your concern.

  • GPS Tracking

    Capturing real time moving location of the user for reporting purpose.

  • Push Notification

    Active notification which can react on user behaviour. Used for different important events acknowledge users.

  • Social Sign up

    Integration of different social media Google , Facebook and linkedin for allowing user to register for the application.

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