Know people before talking to them


People who share same music and event interest nearby your location.

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Project Overview

Strum86 is an app that shows you the people around you that share the same taste in music or media.
It’s a constantly-refreshing grid of 6 people.
Stand in one spot, you’ll see 6. Walk two blocks down the street, and you’ll see a different set.
You can tap on a button and you’re talking with somebody, and you know before speaking that you’ll enjoy talking with them, and that the conversation will flow easily.

It can also allow you to search multiple providers for audio, attach a full track from either Spotify or SoundCloud to a message, and if you tap on the message, the full track will stream.

The platform uses music in a way it may not be intended, but it turns out that audio is a really efficient way to get past the walls that we all put up, and know people before we talk with them.


  • Firebase API
  • Spotify Music Library
  • Sound Cloud Library
  • Music Dating Application
  • Location Based People Finder
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