Connect with the people Using Music

Client Requirements

Innovation application development with keeping in mind to find people with same music similarity and professional interest near by you and going into same concerts. Connect with the people nearby you who are alike you, chat with them and share music.

Our Approach

Different SDK to gather data and store into firebase, Querying data from firebase fo the complex algorithm to find the require data , filter them according to your requirement, live update of user location and refreshing data every 60 seconds to give user the most reliable results with the best way possible to download the least data yet updated and reduce the data usage with firebase account is challenging. Modular approach defined at starting of the project helped us here to achieve the target.


Algorithms to find the similarity between two people considering their music interest, professional interest, events they are attending and current location, and based on similarity it return 8 people who are around you based on your current location. You can chat with them or save them to chat with later, share music and play music. You can also find events around you and save them into your list.

  • Push Notification

    Active notification which can react on user behaviour. Used for different important events acknowledge users.

  • SeatGeek SDK

    Integration of SeatGeek library for event listing and build further functionality on top of it.

  • Spotify SDK

    Integration of spotify library to fetch music file and streaming within application.

  • Google Map SDK:

    Google Map SDK

    To show app users on different location and to draw different routes on the map using REST API data.

  • Social Sign up

    Integration of different social media Google , Facebook and linkedin for allowing user to register for the application.

  • Social Login

    Integration of different social media Google , Facebook and linkedin for allowing user to access the application.

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