The future of clinical Cannabis

Client Requirements

Company that is working on research and development of medicines with cannabis looking for solution to reach to the user and capture potential data and lead about their customers with integration and managing data into Zoho CRM. Additionally, client is very particular about the design implementation.

Our Approach

We choose the best resource as CRM integration on new platform is always challenging and need to consider the limitations of the API usage from the CRM software. Approach towards storing information into local database VS Zoho CRM and when to call CRM API to best utilize resources available.


Web front end with different types of login, allow user to generate inquiry and order product, dynamic admin panel to store those information locally and syncing them with Zoho CRM as and when required. Eye catching design implementation and dynamic CMS is cherry top of the cake.

  • Admin Backend

    Dynamic admin backend to control over the user activities / content and CMS Pages.

  • Dashboard

    Graphical representation of key data require frequent attention from user.

  • Dynamic Content Management

    Ability to dynamically change the content of pages into website.

  • Zoho CRM Integration

    Zoho CRM integration for Client, Lead and order management.

  • Responsive Web Platform

    Responsive web design that looks and works best in any platform.

  • Product / Service

    Ability to add, update, delete, status management on services / products with precise search and filters capability.

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